Email / Industry Updates

Hybrid Cloud Proves Clouds Are Worthy of Email Infrastructure

With the cloud, senders no longer need to plan for and procure MTAs and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, they can instantly access hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes and deploy massive amounts of emails faster than ever. more»

Non-English "IDN Email" Addresses Are Finally Working!

Late this afternoon (Tuesday, August 5th, 2014), Google announced a long-awaited and highly anticipated change that took place today with Gmail, which will surely be remembered as one of the most important milestones in the history of internet email: The "client-side" implementation of non-Latin, character-based Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) email. more»

A Look Inside Dyn's 1.2 Billion Monthly Email Delivery Statistics

As we continue to carve up and analyze the unique-to-Dyn data for new innovation, growth and thought leadership, we like the trends we see in front of us. When it comes to our DynECT Email Delivery product, we work with nearly 300 enterprise customers that are contracted to send over 1.2 billion emails each month. more»

Dyn to Host Email Analytics Webinar With Ongage

Dyn has announced it will hold a joint Email Analytics Webinar with Ongage, an advanced email marketing middleware platform, which helps organizations optimize deliverability and maximize ROI. more»

Dyn Adds Claudia Santoro, Dave Connors and Andrew Sullivan to Technical Team

Dyn announced the hiring of Claudia Santoro as its new Director of Email Engineering and Dave Connors as VP of Technical Operations. In addition, Andrew Sullivan, previously Director of Labs, has been promoted to Director of DNS Engineering. more»

Dyn Receives $38M Investment from North Bridge

Dyn, the Infrastructure as a Service leader, announced today it has received a $38 million Series A minority investment led by North Bridge. This is the first-ever outside funding received by the managed DNS and Email Delivery provider that incorporated in 2001. more»

Dyn Releases New Powerhouse in Enterprise Class Email Delivery

Dyn (formerly Dynamic Network Services Inc.) today announces the release of their Enterprise Class Technology (ECT) platform for the complete management of email delivery. The release of DynECT Email Delivery follows months of build out and improvements of redundant email infrastructure, solidifying the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) leader as a major player in the email delivery space. more»

Global Company Leads the Pack as One of the First Microsoft Partners to Offer Exchange 2010

Hosted Exchange 2010 offers several new capabilities for business users. Enhanced self-service capabilities help users perform and learn common tasks, reducing the need for help desk contact. Distribution lists and employee calendars can now be more easily shared with recipients outside of the company. more»

Dyn Inc. Acquires Email Delivery Provider SendLabs

Dynamic Network Services (Dyn Inc.), kicks off 2011 by formally announcing the acquisition of New Hampshire-based, email delivery provider, SendLabs. Dyn Inc. more»

Afilias and .JO Registry Bring Native Language E-mail to Arabic Internet Users

Afilias and the National Information Technology Center of Jordan announced that they have partnered to produce the first public demonstration of an e-mail message between two completely internationalized (or IDN) e-mail addresses in the Arabic language, using Afilias' new IDN e-mail technology and a fully IDN domain name and IDN TLD from the .JO registry. more»