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ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector Unveils IDN Resource Site

The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) has unveiled an Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) resource site to share information on work progress, achievements and acquired knowledge in the field of IDN. It includes an introduction to IDN, information about related events, standards materials, news, information on national and other IDN developments and a FAQ. more»

Internet Governance Experts Debate ICANN's Full Control of DNS

Internet governance experts argued on Wednesday for and against having the U.S. government hand over completely the technical coordination and management of the Internet's domain name system (DNS) to the private, non-profit ICANN this year.

Those in favor of completing this transition, which began in 1998, said the political price of having the U.S. involved in DNS management has become too high and holds back the international development of the Internet. ...Others warned that ICANN isn't yet ready to take on this task...  more»

Delay ICANN Privatization Plan, Say Some Industry Advocates

The U.S. Commerce Department will hold a Wednesday hearing on the government's September deadline to give up control over Internet domain names, a schedule that some high-tech industry advocates say should be delayed.

"The incentive (for the U.S. to privatize ICANN) is to keep the Internet on one DNS to avoid multiple systems -- much like the multiple phone systems we have around the world," according to Steve DelBianco, director of The NetChoice Coalition, a Washington policy group..."ICANN needs to be as strong as it can be to resist foreign governments," he said. more»

74,000 .eu Domain Names Suspended, Registrars Accused of Stockpiling

EURid, the organization that administers the .eu top-level domain, has suspended 74,000 domain names after launching a lawsuit against 400 American registrars for "breach of contract". The domains in question were all registered for three UK-based limited companies, Ovidio Ltd, Fausto Ltd and Gabino Ltd. Between them the three companies registered 74,000 names.

According to EURid, the three companies are a front for a "syndicate" of 400 US-based registrars, who stand accused of "warehousing" the domain names registering them speculatively for resale, rather than following a client's request. more»

Your Whois Search May Be Monitored by Third Parties

" next step in testing was to go to the four hosting services meta-searched by CNet and search them directly with new domain names also picked out of thin air. Two days later they haven't been taken.

At this point I have to say I don't know exactly what's happening, but something fishy is going on. With a whole lot more testing, I think I could figure out the source of Chesterton's domain name feed, but I decided it was time to get the story out first." more»

U.S. Invites Comments on ICANN's Future

A branch of the U.S. Commerce Department is accepting comments on the fate of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization that supervises Internet domain names.

The deadline for comments is Friday, according to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which began soliciting input June 7.  more»

ICANN Settles Feud with UK ccTLD Operator

The company that manages the U.K.'s top-level domain has struck a truce with the U.S.-based organization responsible for overseeing Internet domain names, cooling ongoing disagreements over administrative control of the Internet.

On Friday, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced at a conference in Marrakech, Morocco, that it had exchanged letters with Nominet UK, a sign of future cooperation on managing the name and number system that makes Web browsing possible. more»

ICANN Must Clamp Down On Domain Name Abuse

While Congress continues to consider the merits of so-called Net neutrality, an even more soporific but vital Internet legal issue looms, with ramifications for every business online and every user of the World Wide Web: What is the purpose of the database that contains information on every domain name registrant?

This question is being quietly debated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) -- the Net's keeper of the all-important addressing system -- which is meeting June 26-30 in Marrakech, Morocco.

Today, cybersquatters have rebranded themselves as "domainers," says Doug Isenberg, the author of the article over at CNet News. more»

Venture-Backed Company Sets Focus on Direct Navigation, Using Over 650,000 Domain Names

A venture-backed Waltham company that's quietly amassed more than 650,000 Internet domain names is stepping out of stealth mode today and unveiling its plans to build a substantial Boston-area Web 2.0 business around the emerging field of "direct navigation."

The company, called NameMedia, is being led by Kelly P. Conlin , 46, a veteran media executive who previously had been chief executive of International Data Corp. in Boston and Primemedia Inc. in New York. NameMedia has already hired 75 people in its office near Route 128 to buy, sell, and develop businesses around Internet domain names. more»

Domain Name Price Hikes Under Fire in a Congressional Hearing

A dispute over the cost of Internet domain names has spilled over onto Capitol Hill, where allegations of monopolization and unreasonable price hikes surfaced in a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

The dispute arises out of a lawsuit settlement reached on March 1 in which the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) gave VeriSign the right to raise fees on .com domains by 7 percent annually. The settlement, approved by ICANN's board by a 9-5 vote, ended a legal spat that started with VeriSign's controversial move to take control of all unassigned .com and .net domain names in 2003. Those guaranteed price hikes struck some members of the House of Representatives' Small Business Committee as unreasonable. more»

Bob Parsons via BusinessWeek: "Getting the Drop on Domain-Name Abuse"

Bob Parsons of Godaddy has a piece on BusinessWeek today discussing the "loophole in the process" of domain name registrations often referred to as "domain tasting":

This scheme is so lucrative that more companies are joining every day. It is affecting .net and .org, too. Unless the add/drop scheme is checked, the problem will assume gigantic proportions.

Writing about this won't win me many friends in the industry, but my primary concern is for the protection of legitimate Internet domain name registrations.  more»

Cat Loses Domain to Morgan Stanley

Baroness Penelope Cat of Nash DCB, who is listed as the owner of and was given some assistance in the case by Michael Woods, lost control of the domain to Morgan Stanley.

A key part of the case rested on whether or not Baroness Penelope was truly the owner of the domain... "Respondent maintains that it is a cat, that is, a well-known carnivorous quadruped which has long been domesticated," summarised Richard Hill. "However, it is equally well-known that the common cat, whose scientific name is Felis domesticus, cannot speak or read or write." more»

Nominet Warns on Recent Jump in Whois Data Mining

Nominet has issued a warning about commercial companies that are swiping copyrighted information on domain name owners from its Whois database.

Several weeks ago, the UK internet registry owner noticed a sharp increase in the number of people accessing its Whois service, an online searchable database that provides ownership details for individual .uk internet addresses, including the name of the individual and sometimes their home address. more»

Switzerland Wins Ownership of its Domain Name

Swiss authorities have won the rights to their country's name in cyberspace after a ruling by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the UN agency announced.

A WIPO arbitrator awarded the Swiss Confederation control of the Internet domain names, and -- "Switzerland" in the Alpine country's majority German, and minority French and Italian respectively. more»

Forbes Discusses Domaining with Marc Ostrofsky

Ostrofsky's company, which recently received funding from Perot Investments and Starbucks boss Howard Schultz's firm Maveron, isn't the only company hoping to cash in on domain name traffic trends. Last month, startup Demand Media surfaced with 150,000 names and $120 million in investments led by Richard Rosenblatt. Rosenblatt was formerly the chairman of Intermix Media, the company that owned MySpace before it was acquired by News Corp. Ostrofsky and Internet REIT Chief Executive Bob Martin talked with about whether buying up Website names for the sole purpose of selling ad space is similar to investing in highway-adjacent land and filling it with billboards.

"If you go to Google and search for "E-Tickets" you're going to get a listing of ten ads. If you go to our site,, you're going to see that same listing, but presented in a slightly different way. Are people criticizing Google for the way they make money? It is the same way we make money. We're supplying some of that traffic to Google." more»