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SiteBacker Services: Cost-Effective Monitoring and Failover Solution

PDF on SiteBacker Services (Click to Download)As your web-based operations become increasingly mission-critical, a server failure can massively disrupt your business; losing customers, impacting employee productivity, and negatively impacting the bottom-line. Traditional monitoring and failover solutions that require deploying and supporting expensive hardware and software are cost prohibitive for many enterprises, particularly as the number of mission-critical servers grows exponentially.

The UltraDNS SiteBacker Service is a cost-effective monitoring and failover solution for companies of all sizes. Unlike competing solutions, SiteBacker requires no additional dedicated hardware or software and can be quickly deployed with minimal effort. Furthermore, it scales seamlessly to meet the growing demands of both local and global infrastructures.

Leveraging Best-in-Class DNS Infrastructure

The SiteBacker Service leverages the UltraDNS Managed DNS infrastructure, a carrierclass directory services platform that supports over 20% of the Internet. Monitoring agents residing at multiple locations across the globe continually perform standard protocol or transaction-based testing against pre-selected servers. Each server is monitored by multiple agents to assure testing integrity. If pre-configure thresholds for the number of probes and locations confirming a particular test has failed are exceeded, SiteBacker concludes the corresponding server is down and initiates server failover. This failover mechanism involves automatically modifying the DNS response record for the monitored server. In addition, an email alert is sent to a list of predetermined contacts. When the server has been restored to service, SiteBacker automatically recognizes the server's online status and restores it to service by replacing the DNS response record with the original one.

A Managed Service You Control

Through the UltraDNS Management Portal, administrators select specific host records for monitoring. Sitebacker may be configured with pools of addresses to be used as failover records for the primary record that is monitored. A record, or pool of records, may be assigned a "priority" value. The failover records will be served in order of highest priority. Administrators may also create sub-pools within pools. The Management Portal allows administrators to quickly make changes to the monitoring and failover schema, such as adding and removing devices, altering monitoring parameters, and modifying pool configurations. The UltraDNS advanced replication technology assures these changes are propagated globally in near real-time. You have total control over the service — no email requests or trouble tickets required.

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SiteBacker Services: Cost-Effective Monitoring and Failover Solution

The UltraDNS SiteBacker Service is a cost-effective monitoring and failover solution for companies of all sizes; it requires no additional dedicated hardware or software and can be quickly deployed with minimal effort. ›››

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