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USD Renews IANA Contract with ICANN

The existing contract for administering the technical infrastructure of the Internet expires Sept. 30, and the U.S. government has insisted for years that it intends for the agency, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, to run the system without government oversight at some point. But after the renewal late Tuesday, that independence will not come until at least 2011. 

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Vinton Cerf, Co-designer of the TCP/IP Protocols & the Architecture of the Internet

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Re: USD Renews IANA Contract with ICANN Karl Auerbach  –  Aug 16, 2006 11:22 AM PDT

This "award" is only a renewall for the "IANA function", a zero-dollar purchase by NTIA (paid for by NOAA!?) of the actual task of maintaing the root zone file, doing number assignments for the IETF, and top level address allocations to the RIRs.

This is *not* the "memorandum of understanding" MoU between NTIA and ICANN.

It is presumably via the MoU that ICANN obtains authority to decide new TLDs and to impose its system of regulations, such as the UDRP, whois policy, registry/registrar contracts, L-Root Server, etc.

Will the MoU be renewed?

I found it interesting that on the award cover letter neither of the sole-source authority check boxes were filled in.

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