Who is Ready to Leap on the "Localized Internet"

By Imran Ahmed Shah
Imran Ahmed Shah

Four pioneers are ready to Leap on the "Localized Internet".

ICANN has approved 4 character strings of IDN ccTLD (Internationalized Top-Level Domain Names) after evaluation.

The Lucky-Ones are Russian Federation, The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

1. Russian Federation - .рф (meaning .rf in Cyrillic)
2. United Arab Emirates - .امارات (meaning .Emarat in Arabic)
3. Egypt - .مصر (meaning .Egypt in Arabic)
4. Saudi Arabia - .السعودية (meaning .AlSaudiah in Arabic, including desired variants السعودیة , لسعوديه ,السعودیۃ )

These four pioneer countries may take their first step on the new Localized Global Layer of the Languistic Internet by requesting their approved names strings of top level country code names in the Internet domain names root system and will become ready to register IDN.IDN Domain names (on this new layer - Virtual Real Estate) in the mid of 2010. Remaining 12 name strings are still under evaluation.

By Imran Ahmed Shah, IT Consultant

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