Web Traffic Overtakes P2P as Largest Bandwidth on the Network

Business Wire

After more than four years during which peer-to-peer (P2P) applications have overwhelmingly consumed the largest percentage of bandwidth on the network, HTTP (Web) traffic has overtaken P2P and continues to grow says a report released by Ellacoya Networks. These findings are based on usage data of approximately one million broadband subscribers in North America.

As a result of currently increasing use of streaming audio and video in Web downloads, HTTP has risen to approximately 46% of all traffic on the network says the report. P2P continues as a strong second place at 37% of total traffic. Newsgroups (9%), non-HTTP video streaming (3%), gaming (2%) and VoIP (1%) are the next commonly used applications.

Breaking down application types within HTTP, the data reveals the following:

It is also noted that YouTube alone comprises approximately 20% of all HTTP traffic, or nearly 10% of all traffic on the Internet.

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