Telcos Must Become Major Destination Websites, Says Sun Chairman

Network World

Telecommunication companies need to go beyond just providing bandwidth and look into acquiring Internet destination sites that are heavily trafficked, Sun Chairman Scott McNealy said on Friday.

"I have explained to every telco that either you become a destination site, or the destination site will become a telco," McNealy said at a news conference at Sun's Worldwide Education and Research Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Internet destination sites are already gaining on telecommunication companies, McNealy said, giving as examples eBay integrating Skype's VoIP technology and Google trying to buy wireless spectrum and help build cables across the Pacific Ocean. Microsoft's attempted acquisition of Yahoo would create another behemoth that could compete with carriers, such as by combining Microsoft's technology with Yahoo's existing VoIP and messaging services.

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Re: Telcos Must Become Major Destination Websites, Says Sun Chairman John Berryhill  –  Mar 06, 2008 2:34 PM PDT

Yes, the Telco's need to be able to collect even more data to provide to the government in the course of warrantless surveillance of citizens.

By all means.