Survey: Public Interest Representation in the Information Society

By Jeremy Malcolm
Jeremy Malcolm

All civil society organisations and other self-identified public interest representatives in the regime of Internet governance and related areas of information and communications policy are invited to complete a survey titled Public interest representation in the information society.

This survey contributes towards the development of a map of Internet governance to show which global and regional institutions of governance in the information society provide opportunities for participation by public interest representatives, which of those opportunities are being utilised or will be utilised over the next two years, and where gaps in either the opportunities or their utilisation exist, to suggest what is needed to fill them.

The survey forms part of the multi-stakeholder Dynamic Working Coalition for Internet Governance Mapping, and Consumers International's programme Consumer Representation in the Information Society. It is also supported by the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus.

We plan to present the interim results of this survey at the workshop "Mapping Internet Governance" at the Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi from 9am on 28 September. In order to make this possible, we encourage you to answer the survey by 5 September if you can.

By Jeremy Malcolm, Executive Director, Prostasia Foundation

Related topics: Internet Governance, Policy & Regulation