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By Gadi Evron
Gadi Evron

I just came across a post telling of the Security and Human Behavior workshop (other related posts here and here). As some of you may be aware, I've been researching this subject for about two years now, and I am very excited that a conference has now happened! It means I did not waste the last two years of my life after all! :)

This is very exciting, and I am very thankful to these guys for making it happen.

Here's a post I wrote about something similar, although syndicated from early on with an ancient post, in my exploration of the subject matter.

I hope that more researchers will start looking into this subject, which, as of the last six months, I've been calling Humexp.

I am currently engaged in research looking into the Estonian cyber war from a social psychology perspective, which turned out to be quite interesting. More on that when I can share, though.

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