Phishing URLs Skyrocket, Overwhelming Browser Blacklists


Computerworld reports that the number of phishing related URLs have nearly tripled from March to April as cybercriminals returned to a late-2006 tactic designed to do an end run around browser-based antiphishing filters.

From the report: "In one month, the number of unique sites soared 166%, from 20,871 in March to 55,643 in April, said the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), an association of more than 1,600 companies and government agencies." Phishers are reported to be trying to overwhelm the filtering mechanisms by using many, many URLs, some which may resolve to the very same phishing websites. "Phishers using the tactic don't register any more domains than usual but simply craft unique URLs by randomizing the subdomain to create new addresses."

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