Microsoft's Popular Domain Scooped by UltSearch

By Martin Schwimmer

When domain names expire they leave skeletons - networks of inbound links that continue to funnel traffic to that name, even if ownership has changed.  Via eWeek, we learn that Microsoft owned HARDWARE-UPDATE.COM and used the name for a site featuring Windows drivers. The domain name is embedded in various error messages in Windows 2000. However, Microsoft did not renew the domain name and Ultimate Search, a company that specializes in this sort of thing, scooped it up. Now the page provides sponsored links, courtesy of Overture. The article reports that the top sponsored link pays over $3 a click-through. 

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Re: Microsoft's Popular Domain Scooped by UltSearch Daniel R. Tobias  –  Jul 31, 2003 4:03 PM PST

Serves 'em right for using a "gimmick domain of the week" for their embedded links instead of a logical subdomain of their main domain,… subdomains don't expire and can't be cybersquatted, and there's only the one main domain at the base of them that you have to worry about renewing.

Re: Microsoft's Popular Domain Scooped by UltSearch verishafted  –  Aug 23, 2003 6:58 AM PST

Nice grab ya gotta admit! What's the DIY way to find GOLD like this? Or drops that are already in engines even? I wrote a little perl bot, but i'm afraid it will quickly wear out its welcome at google and other engines.

Funny how Bill and ALL the Kings Men don't know as much as Daniel R. Tobias (above) about this, eh? Then, maybe they have a registrar who is violating ICANN rules, like mine, and didnt notify'em that it was about to expire and MS couldn't afford the $150 extortion/redemption fee either!