More IPv6 Warnings on Why Organizations Must Plan Transition Now

By CircleID Reporter

The IPv6 Portal reports on a paper titled "The Choice: IPV4 Exhaustion or Transition to IPv6", written by Jordi Palet, warning that organizations must start planning for IPv6 now or "be aware that some already have, and you are beginning to be at a disadvantage."

Introductory notes from this report:

"This is going to affect the business of existing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and to a greater extent, at a certain point in time, the creation of new ISPs. As a consequence if may have a deeper impact in developing regions (Africa, Asia and Latin America/Caribbean) where the penetration of the Internet is not yet so widespread.

If your business uses Internet, it is going to be affected, sooner or later. Whether you act now or later will affect the impact on our business.

There are several potential ways ot minimise the problems posed by IPv4 exhaustion, and it is becoming clear that several of these solutions will be adopted in parallel."

Entire paper can be downloaded here [PDF].

By CircleID Reporter

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Re: More IPv6 Warnings on Why Organizations Must Plan Transition Now Jordi Palet Martinez  –  Jun 22, 2007 4:10 PM PDT

Just a small clarification, as author of the paper referenced by this blog.

This paper is not intended as a new warning as this blog post seems to suggest.

The main goal of the paper is to analyze the IPv4 exhaustion problem and the potential mitigations. Of course, IPv6 is the only long-term solution available today, and is presented as such in the second part of the document.

The documentalso explains how I see the IPv6 deployment is going to happen in relation with the IPv4 exhaustion itself.