Dot-Sucks TLD Accused of Predatory, Exploitative and Coercive Practices

By CircleID Reporter

Kieren McCarthy reporting in the Register: "The intellectual property constituency (IPC) of domain overseer ICANN has formally asked the organization to halt the rollout of the controversial .sucks top-level domain, due to start on Monday. In a letter sent from the IPC to ICANN's head of the Global Domains Division, Akram Atallah, the IP lawyers complain that the pricing plans published earlier this month for domains ending in .sucks are 'predatory, exploitative and coercive,' and claims that they may break ICANN's own rules and the registry's contract with ICANN."

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What they're doing is making the domains Daniel R. Tobias  –  Mar 31, 2015 6:59 PM PDT

What they're doing is making the domains cheap for consumers, but expensive for corporations trying to grab their names first before the consumers even get a chance; that's how a consumer-complaint domain ought to be.