DNS Traffic Services: Protecting Against Downtime

By Neustar

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..." — James Howell (or Jack Nicholson in the Shining)

I don't live to work. I work in order to live. Am I saying that I dislike what I do or where I do it? Really, it's quite the contraire. However, I have a huge number of things that are more personally satisfying to do on my nights, weekends, holidays and vacations than being on a call or in the office because a production issue has occurred and our critical services are down.

As a DNS administrator, it seems like this state of being is potentially the norm. Availability of online services is a key component of today's businesses; whether it's a corporate website, commerce application or an email server — if any of these go offline, it costs the company money. Unfortunately, issues happen — servers go down, hardware fails, applications have defects. Additionally, even general maintenance needs to be performed in the black of night so that any impact is minimized.

How would a managed DNS service limit exposure and help provide notification and failover capabilities? What should you even be looking for in these types of services?

The Neustar UltraDNS services for SiteBacker and Traffic Controller were specifically designed to not only help protect against downtime by having a failover capability, but also to proactively make management of resources easier. Will these services completely eliminate the occasional night or weekend work that can occur? Unfortunately, no. But.....they can extensively lessen the impact of those events and let you get back to living you life (and stop being a dull boy / girl).

Written by James Fink, Director of DNS Traffic Services, at NeuStar

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