ACMA: 30,000 PC's Infected in Australia Per Day

By Wout de Natris
Wout de Natris

Anti-spam and malware enforcement agency ACMA reports on this (shocking high?) figure. Keep this up and ca. 50% of the Australian population is infected within a year.

I remember a presentation from Sweden only a few years ago, that there were only a little over a thousand infected pc's in Sweden. (Reactions were: that can't be correct. Too low)

Do you know what the numbers are for your country and maybe more importantly what your government and/or Industry is/are doing about it? E.g., is there something like a botnet task force? See:

This German example may give you an idea how government and Industry can work together in combatting the consequences of infections. ISPs in the Netherlands are also working together.

Of course this is all after the fact, but the bots are reported to become possible dangerous offences weapons, so bringing numbers down is one of the weapons of choice for a government.

By Wout de Natris, Consultant international cooperation cyber crime + trainer spam enforcement. Visit the blog maintained by Wout de Natris here.

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