Highly Sensitive Domain Corp.com Up for Sale by Original Owner, Calls It a 'Chemical Waste Dump'

By CircleID Reporter

Fallen into the wrong hands, corp.com can be an extremely dangerous domain name providing a doorway to hundreds of thousands of corporate PCs. The domain which was registered in the early 90s by tech entrepreneur Mike O'Connor along with other single word domains, clashes with internal addresses companies have used for decades — thanks to Windows Active Directory default path name. "In practical terms, this means that whoever controls corp.com can passively intercept private communications from hundreds of thousands of computers that end up being taken outside of a corporate environment which uses this 'corp' designation for its Active Directory domain," says investigative journalist Brian Krebs. During an eight-month analysis of wayward internal corporate traffic destined for corp.com in 2019, more than 375,000 Windows PCs were found trying to send corp.com domain information it had no business receiving. "I'm basically auctioning off a chemical waste dump because I don't want to pass it on to my kids and burden them with it," O'Connor told Krebs.

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