Unraveling Unsolved Mysteries with Threat Intelligence

By Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)
Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Have you ever heard of Lake City Quiet Pills? It refers to a mysterious site that first made waves on Reddit in 2009 and has since resurfaced.

What Is Lake City Quiet Pills?

Lake City Quiet Pills (LCQP) is known as an image-hosting site "lakecityquietpills.com" — believed to be run by a Redditor with the handle "ReligionOfPeace" also known as "Milo."

Some Redditors speculated that LCQP was a front for ex-military contract assassins. A few believers have even attempted to draw connections between the site and the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in January 2010. That theory, however, has been debunked. Others, meanwhile, speculated that "quiet pills" is slang for "bullets."

Here's a timeline of LCQP-related events:

What this sequence of events shows is that web activities leave breadcrumbs, which may lead to speculations, mysteries, and unanswered questions. Are there ways to look into this while casting some light on dubious or criminal undertakings? This is made possible, at least partially, through threat intelligence.

Using Threat Intelligence for Investigating Online Entities

A threat intelligence platform offers easy-to-use tools, services, and application programming interfaces (APIs). More specifically, threat intelligence data can help gather detailed information about hosts and their infrastructure — notably through real-time host configuration analysis. With it, researchers and analysts can better determine:

These information sources can aid in cybercrime-related investigations. The data can also serve as jump-off points for collecting more specific investigative information from additional sources.

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While forums can be valuable sources of information on emerging threats, caution is necessary. Taking a step back and launching a proper forensic investigation is one way to comprehend the bigger picture.

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