Other Countries Beginning to Adopt China's Unique Approach to an Isolated Internet Structure

By CircleID Reporter

A plot showing how China has had no meaningful foreign telecom presence. Source: Oracle Internet Intelligence

While in most developed nations, foreign telecoms are interconnected with local and other international Internet exchanges, in China, there are no foreign carriers detected within china's borders. While the general trend in both developed and developing nations is towards increased connectivity, a recent Analysis by Oracle Internet Intelligence suggests China has primarily no foreign telecom presence. However, Oracle's Dave Allen points out that while China's internet is a walled garden, it is also at the same time dependent on Western Europe and the United States for external connectivity. Allen notes:

"Put plainly, in terms of resilience, China could effectively withdraw from the global public internet and maintain domestic connectivity (essentially having an intranet). This means the rest of the world could be restricted from connecting into China, and vice versa for external connections for Chinese businesses/users."

"China is uniquely dependent upon the West. We found that ~63% our measurements into China are coming through the United States."

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