New Zealand’s Domain Name Commission Wins Appeal in Lawsuit Against US DomainTools

By CircleID Reporter

New Zealand's Domain Name Commission (DNC) wins in court against the US company DomainTools for "illegally scrapping personal information" of .nz domain name owners. The US Court's decision means DomainTools is forbidden from breaching .nz domain names owners privacy. This is the second time the US court has agreed with the DNC position. A couple of takeaways from the Friday's DNC press release:

"The first decision in favour of .nz domain names owners privacy was made in September 2018, but DomainTools immediately appealed it and lost again in the US Court of Appeals on 17 July 2019. In 2018, the Domain Name Commission mandated that a privacy option be offered for all .nz domain name holders that are not in trade. ... More than 63,000 domain names have already taken up the privacy option, and the number is growing."

"This win is important not only to .nz domain name holders and their privacy but also for managers of other countries domain name systems who might consider starting legal action against DomainTools and other similar companies where terms of use are breached."

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