Mozilla Named "Internet Villain" for Supporting DNS-Over-HTTPS by a UK ISP Association

By CircleID Reporter

Mozilla named "internet villain" by the Internet Services Providers' Association of UK (ISPAUK) for supporting DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). Mozilla was nominated as one of the three ISPAUK's 2019 Internet Villains for their proposed approach "to introduce DNS-over-HTTPS in such a way as to bypass UK filtering obligations and parental controls, undermining internet safety standards in the UK."

DoH advocates argue that the protocol makes it harder to block or monitor DNS queries which is a commonly used method for restricting access to the Internet and/or monitoring user behavior, Fernando Gont of Internet Society wrote in December. He adds: "DoH is somewhat controversial because it moves control plane (signaling) messages to the data plane (data forwarding), and can thereby bypass local network policies."

Others in the UK, including Britain's intelligence service and Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) have also criticized both Google and Mozilla for their DoH support.

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