A New Project Called Handshake Wants to Decentralize DNS, Says It's Unlike Previous Attempts

By CircleID Reporter

An entity called the Handshake Network claims its newly developed open source project offers advantages over the traditional naming and signature systems. Using blockchain technology, Handsahke says it can avoid the security vulnerabilities of conventional DNS, including DDoS attacks on name servers and cache. While this is now exactly a novel idea, Steven McKie, a developer, and investor for Handshake, says unlike previous attempts that tried to replace DNS, this effort is meant to work with the existing DNS. "Handshake can work with the existing TLDs (e.g., com, net, org) to ensure existing names continue to work as expected," says the website. "Handshake manages this by deprecating the need for the root DNS servers. Right now, anyone can point existing TLDs towards their respective nameservers. Eventually, we hope to provide the names currently associated with TLDs using Handshake's core protocols and are actively working to facilitate that. In addition to this, major privacy and security-focused TLDs such as onion are given first-class support within the Handshake system."

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Yet another alternate root Robert Martin-Legene  –  Jun 14, 2019 8:32 AM PST

This smells like yet another alternate root.

I think this project would easier have a chance of success if it tried to solve DNS problems in general (for any zone name and not just for the root zone).

While many do not like ICANN, it is the only multi-stakeholder model that we currently have.

Ignoring ICANN will probably make it difficult for a project to gain traction.