ISC Assesses DNS Flag Day

By CircleID Reporter

Everyone who participated in supporting DNS Flag Day initiative should feel they have accomplished something worth-while, says ISC's Vicky Risk. She writes: "DNS Flag Day is a public-benefit movement, like a community trash pick up day in a common area everyone uses. ... Some operators thought it was unwise that Flag Day was set for a Friday, and were taken by surprise by the level of user concern.  Some of the Twitter posts were kind of silly and needlessly alarmist. Characterizing this as a ‘Flag Day’ exaggerated how sudden the real change on the Internet will be, but the effect it had, of providing everyone with a goal date, achieved the objective."

Accomplishments: The goal date of DNS Flag Day served as a catalyst in pushing the DNS community to accomplish at least three things over the past year, says Risk. They are:

1. Approximately 4.8 million domains were tested in January alone, using the site.
2. Throughout the month of January, we saw significant improvement across the Alexa top 1 Million domains.
3. Quite a few vendors and operators took notice and made progress.

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