Study Finds a Third of .Com Domains Completely Unused

By CircleID Reporter

How Many .com Domain Names Are Unused? Singapore Data Company recently conducted a study to answer this question. Christopher Forno, company's CTO writes: "When looking for .com names, I've been frustrated by how many are already taken but appear to be unused. It can feel like people are registering every pronounceable combination of letters in every major language, and even the unpronounceable short ones. Is there rampant domain speculation, or do I just think of the same names as everyone else? Let's look at the data… I started by crawling a random sample of the domains from the top-level .com DNS zone file, until reaching 100,000 valid domains. ... The crawl took a little over 48 hours from a single server located in a Singapore data center. ... Then, I wrote a script to help me categorize websites based on their screenshot and body."

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But there are uses for domain names Chip Marshall  –  Feb 01, 2019 9:52 AM PDT

But there are uses for domain names other than hosting websites.