Radix's .HOST, .SPACE, .PRESS, and .WEBSITE Get Approval From the Chinese Government

By Radix

Radix, one of the world's largest portfolio registries, today announced that it has received the official approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ("MIIT") of the People's Republic of China for operating four more of its nine gTLDs within the country. The recently approved gTLDs include .HOST, .SPACE, .PRESS, and .WEBSITE.

This approval from MIIT allows Radix to operate its entire portfolio of new TLDs in China. Radix's .SITE was approved in December 2016 followed by .ONLINE, .TECH, .STORE, and .FUN in October 2017. The MIIT approval allows customers from China to not just buy new domains but also to host their websites on the approved TLDs by using local hosting services.

Speaking about the approvals, Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO, Radix, said, "Collectively, our nine gTLDs already have near 700K domains registered in China. With these approvals, the growing ecosystem of Chinese startups and SMEs now has more relevant and contextual naming options to take their business ideas online."

Since 2017, Radix has seen an overall growth of 30%+ on their new domain adds in China, and their new registration premium revenue is close to 1.8X in 2018 in comparison to the previous year.

"Our focus is on building and cultivating end-customer awareness in the Chinese market. Towards that, we are exploring creative engagements with our registrar partners in China to support early-stage adopters of our TLDs. For instance, with Chinese registrar Xinnet, we are aiding their existing initiative with universities by offering free domains to students to host their academic projects and business prototypes.", added Sandeep Ramchandani.

With its portfolio of nine nTLDs and one ccTLD, and over 3M domains under management (DUMs), Radix currently owns close to 14% of global nTLDs market share based on DUMs. This makes Radix the 4th largest new gTLD portfolio registry in the world.

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