The Christmas Goat and IPv6 (Year 9)

By Torbjörn Eklöv
Torbjörn Eklöv

Here we are with the ninth year of measuring IPv6 on the Christmas Goat. Last year we had almost no snow and it was almost the same this year.

This year I give you 50 seconds of "action" film with the goat from the early in December. But the measurement was a big disappointment. They started high with 60% IPv6 and went down to 41% at the end.

Values from previous measurements:

2010 – 0.1% Native IPv6
2011 – 1 %
2012 – 1.4 %
2013 – 3.4 %
2014 – 11.1 %
2015 – 14 %
2016 – 27%
2017 – 40%
2018 – 41 %

In Sweden the IPv6 traffic didn't increase at all this year but worldwide I'd say we are close to the 30% margin.

Who is then visiting our goat with IPv6? I had to dig deep and take a close look.

In the first places this year we have:

• AS5645
• AS16086
• AS36727
• AS7018

And then, at last, we got 2001:67c:: which is some of RIPE's PI v6 space where some municipalities and Swedish authorities use. This shows more again that you can't be "a prophet in your own hometown."

In the Goat's hometown, Gavle the local ISP Gavlenet activated IPv6 for more than 12,000 subscribers this year. But only less than 10% got IPv6 activated. Read more at stakeout and why so few are using it.

And there is a little shame that there are no hits from Gavle kommun's own IPv6 space…

Have a happy and good IPv6 year in 2019. I hope I can continue this measurement at the end of 2019 which will mark the 10 year anniversary of this measurement attempt!

By Torbjörn Eklöv, CTO, Senior Network Architect, DNSSEC/IPv6. Visit the blog maintained by Torbjörn Eklöv here.

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