New Report About Internet Routing With MANRS

By Fred Baker
Fred Baker

I find myself reading, frequently, about "interesting" exploits of IP routing. Recent history includes the redirection of Telegram traffic to Iran, Google traffic to China, and Cloudflare traffic to Nigeria — and, per, 64 events this month, 18 of them on one day.

Is this expensive? You bet, both in money and in mindshare. Imagine the impact of discovering your company's name in the press.

Is this kind of thing preventable? It is, but it requires action on two fronts: the creation of accurate Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and Route Origin Authorisation (ROA) entries for address space, and the use of them in Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing.

The Internet Society has a new report on the topic [PDF], and the MANRS community has more information at

By Fred Baker, Consultant

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