Hackers Behind Marriott Breach Left Clues Suggesting Link to Chinese Government

By CircleID Reporter

Hackers behind the massive data breach of the hotel group Marriott International Inc have left clues suggesting ties to the Chinese government intelligence-gathering operation, Reuters reports. Marriott had reported last week that a hack starting four years ago had exposed the records of half a billion customers in its reservation system. Reuters' Christopher Bing writes: "Private investigators looking into the breach have found hacking tools, techniques and procedures previously used in attacks attributed to Chinese hackers ... While China has emerged as the lead suspect in the case, the sources cautioned it was possible somebody else was behind the hack because other parties had access to the same hacking tools, some of which have previously been posted online."

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The origin of the clues Phil Howard  –  Dec 09, 2018 11:31 PM PDT

If I was the one who hacked in, I, too would leave clues suggesting the Chinese did it, if I had a copy of such clues.  That way, I could lead the investigators off track.  And I could steal a copy of such clues if anyone left them where I would eventually hack in, before this.