US Senators Urge Canada to Drop China’s Huawei Technologies in Building Future Telecom Networks

By CircleID Reporter

U.S. Senators Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, and Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, both critics of China, have urged Canada to consider dropping China's Huawei Technologies from helping to build next-generation 5G telecommunications networks. A letter obtained by the Globe and Mail dated October 11 was submitted to Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada which stated in part: "We write with grave concerns about the possibility that Canada might include Huawei Technologies or any other Chinese state-directed telecommunications company in its fifth-generation (5G) telecommunications network infrastructure. As you are aware, Huawei is not a normal private-sector company. There is ample evidence to suggest that no major Chinese company is independent of the Chinese government and Communist Party − and Huawei, which China's government and military tout as a 'national champion,' is no exception." Huawei Canada has assured that it works openly and transparently with the Canadian government in order to satisfy national-security concerns. Prime Minister's Office has not commented on the matter.

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