Frequency of DDoS Attacks Risen by 40% While Duration of Attacks Decrease

By CircleID Reporter

The frequency of DDoS attacks has risen by 40% year on year while the duration of attacks decreased with 77% lasting ten minutes or less, according to a new report released by Corero Network Security. The report warns one in five organizations will be targeted again within 24 hours. Other key highlights from the report: Low volume, sub-saturating attacks continue to dominate (94% less than 5Gbps); Whilst still infrequent, attacks over 10Gbps have doubled; Organisations faced an average of 8 attacks per day in Q2 2018, an increase of 40% compared to the same quarter in 2017.

Increase in DDoS attacks attributed to IoT Botnets: In another report from security firm NexusGuard also released today, the company warns the increase in attacks and their sizes is the result of attackers amassing giant botnets using insecure IoT devices. "Attackers are using vulnerabilities in these devices to rapidly build large botnets ... at one point the Mirai Satori botnet was seen from over 280,000 IP addresses over a 12 hour period and the newer Anarchy botnet was able to amass over 18,000 routers in a single day."

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