EU Authorities to Give Internet Companies 1 Hour to Take Down Extremist Content or Face Hefty Fines

By CircleID Reporter

12 SEPTEMBER 2018, on the occasion of his State of the Union Address, President Jean-Claude Juncker

European authorities proposed new laws today subjecting internet companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook to big fines if the extremist content is not taken down within one hour. From the official press release: "The new rules are being presented one week ahead of the Informal Meeting in Salzburg where EU Leaders are expected to discuss security. Every internet platform that wants to offer its services in the European Union will be subject to clear rules to prevent their services from being misused to disseminate terrorist content. Strong safeguards will also be introduced to protect freedom of speech on the internet and ensure only terrorist content is targeted." Why one hour: "Terrorist content is most harmful in the first hours after it appears online because of the speed at which it spreads. This is why the Commission is proposing a legally binding one-hour deadline for content to be removed following a removal order from national competent authorities." Companies that fail to comply could face fines of up to 4 percent of their annual global turnover.

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