PIR, the .ORG Domain Registry, Announces Radical Change to Marketing Scheme

By CircleID Reporter

Public Interest Registry, the non-profit organization managing the .ORG top-level domain, says it will not be offering any further volume discounts to domain registrars when the current agreements expire. Jay Daley, organization's interim President and CEO, in a blog post said: "While volume discounts are a long established product offered by many registries, they clearly favor larger registrars as only the larger registrars can reach the volumes necessary to qualify for the discount. We don't think this is fair and we want all our products in the future to be equally accessible to registrars of all sizes. The second change is that we're going to measure the success of our products on more key performance indicators than just the number of creates they produce."

"We are a public interest organization and need to take a public interest view on everything we do," Daley told Kevin Murphy, reported today in Domain Incite. "We need to be looking at our promotions for more than just commercial reasons, we need to be looking at public interest reasons as well."

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