Join the Quantum Internet Hackathon 2018

By Vesna Manojlovic

The eighth RIPE NCC hackathon takes on the Quantum Internet! The hackathon will be held during the weekend before RIPE 77 in Amsterdam, and is co-organised by QuTech and TU Delft, along with the RIPE NCC. We're bringing together network operators, quantum networking researchers, students, hackers, software developers and artists, to imagine and build the tools for the future Internet.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, 13 - 14 October 2018
Location: Volkshotel, Amsterdam
Topic: Quantum Internet

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Hackathons provide great opportunities for participants: you can contribute to developing new software or tools, meet others in your field, and exchange knowledge and experience with people other than your everyday colleagues.

Quantum Internet and the RIPE Community – For this hackathon, the RIPE NCC is cooperating with QuTech, in order to bring together those working on future technologies like quantum networking and those from the traditional networking or RIPE communities.

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By Vesna Manojlovic, Community Builder at RIPE NCC. Visit the blog maintained by Vesna Manojlovic here.

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