i2Coalition Supports Open Internet and Multistakeholder Model in Comments to NTIA

By i2Coalition

The i2Coalition responded to a request for comments on International Internet policy. We appreciated the opportunity to continue our advocacy for the multistakeholder model of Internet governance and a free, open Internet. As we expressed in our writing, embedded here, it was always contemplated that no one government or institution can or should control the Internet. It is important that various stakeholders globally be able to have a voice in how the Internet is governed. That is why we have supported the IANA transition since 2016.

We also expressed our support for strong encryption and stronger, more consistent legal frameworks across the spectrum of Internet issues. In the document, we also highlighted our concerns about intermediary liability and government actions that could stem innovation. Overall, the i2Coalition has been pleased with the NTIA's work and outreach. We hope to continue participating in its processes and advocating for issues critical to the Internet infrastructure community.

The full list of final submissions is available here.

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