Study Finds IPv6 Adoption Still Lagging in U.S. Federal Agencies

By CircleID Reporter

IPv6 adoption across federal government websites has been less than aggressive across the survey period conducted by Oracle Dyn's Internet Research & Analysis Unit; many agencies failing to deploy public websites on IPv6 by the end of FY 2017. David Belson, Senior research Director at Oracle Dyn writes: "A recent FedTech article noted that 'Agency adoption of IPv6 moves at a glacial pace' but also that 'Most have started to ensure their public websites are accessible via IPv6 using dual-stack environments'. Our analysis of eight years of historical recursive DNS data supports these assertions — while much progress has been made, there is still a long way to go. During the six years since the initial World IPv6 Launch event, many cloud and CDN providers have moved to ease the transition to IPv6, making it easy for customers to support it, either enabling it by default when a new site is configured on their platform, or via a simple configuration option. While federal agencies have been directed to support IPv6 throughout their technology stack, it is arguably easier than ever to do so for public-facing Web sites and applications."

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