US Federal Judge Dismisses Kaspersky Lawsuit, Government-Wide Ban Stays in Place

By CircleID Reporter

The two lawsuits filed by the Russian software firm Kaspersky Lab against the U.S. government banning federal networks from using the company's anti-virus software was dismissed on Wednesday by a federal judge.

Kaspersky's products were banned last year from US federal agencies over incrreasing concerns of firms vulnerability to the Russian government influence. Kaspersky filed the suits in December followed by another in February, stating the bans were unconstitutional and harmful to the company.

From the court document: "Kaspersky Lab products enjoy extremely broad access and elevated privileges within the computer systems on which they are installed; Kaspersky Lab is headquartered in Russia; Kaspersky Lab and its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eugene Kaspersky, have close connections to the Russian government and intelligence services; Kaspersky Lab products cycle users' data to the company's servers that are based in (or accessible from) Russia; Kaspersky Lab is subject to Russian laws that allow the Russian government to request or compel assistance from Russian companies, and is also susceptible to non-legal forms of pressure from the Russian government. ... Having carefully reviewed the record, the pleadings, and the relevant authorities, the Court also GRANTS Defendants' Motion to Dismiss the BOD Lawsuit for lack of standing. Plaintiffs allege that BOD 17-01 causes them harm by depriving them of the ability to sell to the United States federal government and by damaging their reputation. Even if the Court were to rule in Plaintiffs' favor in the BOD Lawsuit and order the rescission of BOD 17-01, these harms would continue."

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