Teen Hacker Who Targeted High Ranking US Government Officials Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

By CircleID Reporter

A British teenager who hacked into the online accounts of former CIA director John Brennan, former director of intelligence James Clapper, and other high-profile US government employees, was sentenced today for to two years in prison. Motherboard reports: "For a few months in late 2015 and early 2016, Kane Gamble, who went by the alias Cracka at the time, was the alleged 15-year-old leader of a hacking group calling themselves Crackas With Attitude or CWA. The group targeted and broke into Brennan’s AOL email account, Clapper’s internet provider account, and others, including a White House official. Gamble was arrested in February of 2016, and he pleaded guilty to ten hacking charges in October of last year."

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