Russia Wipes Out Over 17 Million IP Addresses In Efforts to Block Telegram

By CircleID Reporter

Post Russia's April 4th blockage of Telegram, increasing number of users in the country are turning to VPNs and proxies to continue their access to the messaging platform. As a result, the government has gone a step further and started blocking every possible way of connecting to Telegram. Over 17 million IP addresses have been wiped out from Google and Amazon's servers resulting in disruption of all types of services from online games to mobile apps or cryptocurrency exchange pages. Enrique Dans reporting in Forbes today: "Roskomnadzor's attempts to block Telegram amount to a denial of service attack on the Russian internet: many sites and services unrelated to Telegram are now blocked as part of this Soviet-style exercise in censorship. ... Telegram continues to operate with relative normality and the company has not detected a significant drop in user activity in Russia. ... Why is the Kremlin putting all these resources into blocking Telegram? The official version is that Telegram refused to provide a backdoor to decipher conversations on the service."

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