KSK Rollover Webinar to Be Held with ECO and ICANN Tuesday, April 24th

By i2Coalition

The i2Coalition is proud to announce that it will be holding a joint webinar with eco – Association of the Internet Industry, on the upcoming root KSK rollover in conjunction with ICANN on Tuesday, April 24th at 11 AM EST (UTC -4). This session is especially important information for anyone who runs DNS recursive resolvers, and particularly if you have enabled DNSSEC validation in your resolvers. New information will be presented that will be important in the success of the coming KSK rollover.

The KSK rollover is an important event in the governance of the DNS (Domain Name System) root zone managed by ICANN. The DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) uses a combination of cryptographic keys known as KSKs (Key Signing Keys) and ZSKs (Zone Signing Keys) to secure the DNS root zone. Moving forward, the KSK will be changing or "rolling" to preserve the security of the system. An article announcing the rolling of the KSK, an explanation of what keys are, as well as why they should be rolled can be found here. A full thread of the updates to this process can be found here.

According to a draft plan currently under consideration, the root zone KSK is set to change in October 2018. In order to change this DNSSEC key, many providers who have not yet done so will need to update their systems. ICANN will present data about who has and hasn't updated and will discuss how they plan to go about making sure that the organizations who should understand this process, do. While there is deep technology at play, ultimately the issue is one of outreach and establishing procedure, which brings opportunities for you to help be a part of the success of this critical cybersecurity endeavor.

Sign up using the form on this page and the staff of the i2Coalition and eco will be in touch to provide updates as well as call information.

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