Enterprise Networks Are Being Impacted by Unwanted and Unidentified Cryptomining Activity

By CircleID Reporter

Cryptomining attempts by top-performing cryptomining service types between October 2017 to March 2018 (Source: Zscaler)

Researchers at security service provider, Zscaler, are reporting that in the past six months they have blocked over 2.5 billion web-based cryptomining attempts within their cloud service. From the report: "Web-based methods allow website operators to use scripts to mine cryptocurrency within a browser, using the resources of the website visitor. We reported on the rise of this in our October 2017 ... As we have continued to monitor the trend in 2018, the volume of cryptomining transactions has grown. Enterprise networks are being impacted in various ways. Unwanted and unidentified mining activity inside networks causes increased wear and tear on corporate hardware, as the mining increases CPU cycles. Mining activity also hogs corporate network bandwidth and causes performance issues."

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