Russian-Based Kaspersky Lab Planning on Swiss Data Center to Address Russian Exploit Concerns

By CircleID Reporter

Leading Moscow-based anti-virus software provider Kaspersky Lab is planning to open a data center in Switzerland to address Western government concerns that Russia exploits its anti-virus software to spy on customers, according to a report from Reuters on Wednesday. From the report: "Kaspersky is setting up the center in response to actions in the United States, Britain and Lithuania last year to stop using the company's products… The action is the latest effort by Kaspersky, a global leader in anti-virus software, to parry accusations by the U.S. government and others that the company spies on customers at the behest of Russian intelligence. The U.S. last year ordered civilian government agencies to remove the Kaspersky software from their networks."

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how is it that the location of Phil Howard  –  Apr 16, 2018 8:39 PM PDT

how is it that the location of a new data center changes how some who could possibly be in management or executive positions are perceived by various governments?