ICANN Cancels .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL TLDs Indefintley Due to Collision Concerns

By CircleID Reporter

ICANN has announced that it has indefinitely deferred the delegations of the new TLDs .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL due to the high-risk nature of the strings. The domains name system overseer has determined the said TLDs can cause name collisions, the overlap of private and public namespaces which may result in unintended and harmful results. "The introduction of any new domain name into the DNS at any level creates the potential for name collision [however] the New gTLD Program has brought renewed attention to this issue of queries for undelegated TLDs at the root level of the DNS because certain applied-for new TLD strings could be identical to name labels used in private networks." ICANN says the applicants of the TLDs will be refunded the full application fee of $185,000.

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Glad to see common sense has prevailed! Paul Roberts  –  Apr 16, 2018 7:14 AM PST

Glad to see common sense has prevailed!