Yahoo's 1 Billion Accounts Hacked is a Chilling Warning: Start Doing Things Differently or Die

By Khaled Fattal
Khaled Fattal

Today, this is how easily "TRUST" by your users/customers can be shattered, your revenues devastated, your share value plunged into the abyss, and your business destroyed.

Furthermore, conventional thinking belongs only in university libraries, not in board rooms. It is time to seriously consider other innovative Out-Of-The-Box Solutions and doing things differently, or start writing your business obituary.

Fact: "Traditional cyber strategies are struggling at best, or are failing daily".

The news of the Yahoo hack compromising 1 billion user accounts should serve as a stark warning to businesses and governments all over the world that no one is immune, and months or years can go by before you discover you have been breached, and that your "Survivability" is at great threat.

Add to the mix the "Destruction Motivated” new breed of cyber terrorists The MLi Group has called and labelled "Poli-Cyber™" since 2014, and which we define as "Cyber attacks perpetrated and/or inspired by extremist groups like ISIS/Daesh, rogue states, and their proxies”, and you now have a global paradigm change in the cyber and non-cyber threat landscape threatening everyone's "Survivability" at monumental proportions.

Conclusion: ??
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By Khaled Fattal, Group Chairman, MLi Group & Producer "Era of the Unprecedented. Visit the blog maintained by Khaled Fattal here.

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