NTIA Asks for Input from Organizations That Have Implemented IPv6

By CircleID Reporter

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released a stement today seeking input as part of its efforts to increase IPv6 adoption. Ashley Heineman, Telecommunications Policy Specialist, Office of International Affairs / Aug 18: "The pace of IPv6 adoption has picked up recently, but only about a third of the Internet services in the United States are IPv6 capable. ... As part of our effort to encourage greater IPv6 adoption, NTIA is requesting comment from organizations that have implemented IPv6. We want to hear from all stakeholders, particularly those who have implemented IPv6, about the factors and circumstances that influence the decision to adopt and use the protocol and what NTIA can do to promote greater adoption of IPv6."

Sample of questions being asked:

Those wishing to provide input have until October 3, 2016 to submit comments via email to ipv6@ntia.doc.gov.

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