Mobile Web Intelligence Report: Bots and Crawlers May Represent up to 50% of Web Traffic

By Afilias Mobile & Web Services
Afilias Mobile & Web Services

DeviceAtlas, a leading supplier of intelligence on mobile devices, today released its quarterly Mobile Web Intelligence Report for Q1 2016, which analyzes mobile device traffic to hundreds of thousands of websites around the world.

This quarter's report focuses on the level of non-human generated traffic, which made up 48% of traffic to sites in the analysis.

Human traffic was on par with non-human traffic – Bots and crawlers were the largest category of all site visits in our research which accounted for over 48% of traffic. Mobile devices generated 42.83% of hits while desktop visitors were 6.38%. 1.2% of User-Agent strings were either apps which introduce themselves as such, or junk UAs. Chart shows the full breakdown of the traffic by device category.

Bot traffic traffic ranges from legitimate search engine crawlers indexing web content for their search results, to automated scrapers and bots generated by hackers, click fraudsters, spammers. According to Martin Clancy, DeviceAtlas' Head of Marketing, "DeviceAtlas' technology accurately distinguishes the nature of web traffic allowing clients to easily segment and handle their traffic in the most effective manner."

The report also uncovers trends in device usage from human generated traffic over the last two quarters. It shows a notable trend towards web browsing on larger screens (over 5 inch).

Android continues to grow and its market share increased in most countries analyzed including Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, UK and the USA.

Other key findings Include:

DeviceAtlas has led the way in device detection and intelligence since 2008 and is used widely by advertising platforms, analytics platforms, web brands, and Telco's to accurately identify traffic from the many devices active on their sites and networks.

Download a copy of the report here.

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