EURid Gets .ею (Cyrillic for .eu)

By Michele Neylon
Michele Neylon

EURid, who run the .eu registry, have finally been delegated .ею (Cyrillic for .eu). Punycode xn--e1a4c.

One of the things that EURid is chartered to do under its contract to the European Commission was to get the extension in scripts other than Latin.

EURid used ICANN's IDN ccTLD "Fast Track" process, though whether the process is truly "fast" or not is debatable, as it is still quite a long process. According to European Commission's Dec 2015 report, .ею string "was deemed to be confusingly similar to the existing ASCII ccTLD string (.eu), therefore their introduction entered a lengthy evaluation process."

Here's the relevant snippet from the recent ICANN Board meeting minutes:

Resolved (2016.02.03.06), as part of the exercise of its responsibilities under the IANA Functions Contract, ICANN has reviewed and evaluated the request to delegate the ею country-code top-level domain to EURid vzw/asbl. The documentation demonstrates that the proper procedures were followed in evaluating the request.

Resolved (2016.02.03.07), the Board directs that pursuant to Article III, Section 5.2 of the ICANN Bylaws, that certain portions of the rationale not appropriate for public distribution within the resolutions, preliminary report or minutes at this time due to contractual obligations, shall be withheld until public release is allowed pursuant to those contractual obligations.

It's not clear at the moment when the IDN ccTLD will be fully operational.

By Michele Neylon, MD of Blacknight Solutions. Visit the blog maintained by Michele Neylon here.

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