91.3% of Malware Use DNS as a Key Capability

By CircleID Reporter

Nearly 92 percent of malware use DNS to gain command and control, exfiltrate data or redirect traffic, according to Cisco's 2016 Annual Security Report. It warns that DNS is often a security "blind spot" as security teams and DNS experts typically work in different IT groups within a company and don't interact frequently. "DNS monitoring is so important for security investigations, as well, because it allows researchers to map out components that can help determine everything from the type of infrastructure supporting the attack to finding its source," says John Stuppi, Cisco Security Research & Operations' Technical Leader in a related blog post.

Other warnings include browser-based data leakage: "While often viewed by security teams as a low-level threat, malicious browser extensions have been a potential source of major data leaks, affecting more than 85 percent of organizations. Adware, malvertising, and even common websites or obituary columns have led to breaches for those who do not regularly update their software."

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