What's New With Port25's PowerMTA v4.5

By Port25

PowerMTA from Port25 is an industrial-strength software for high-volume email delivery. Designed for performance, deliverability and manageability, PowerMTA is able to consistently deliver millions of emails per hour. With it's extensive configuration capabilities and VirtualMTA technology it provides granular control of sources, sending IPs, and domain policies.

Port25 recently introduced PowerMTA v4.5 as a major new release of PowerMTA. It now includes a wide variety of new advanced features and functionalities that allow for greater flexibility and delivery control to help maximize overall performance and deliverability.

PowerMTA Management Console (PMC) v1.5 is also now available with support for all new PowerMTA v4.5 features.  Other new features in the PMC include: IP based reporting, saved reports, configurable session timeouts, and advanced reporting filters including sets and regular expressions.

Key features included in the release:

Other Noteworthy Enhancements in PowerMTA v4.5:

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