Dyn Evolves Internet Performance Space with Launch of Internet Intelligence

By Oracle Dyn
Oracle Dyn

Monitor the entirety of your Internet Infrastructure – II is the newest product within Dyn's Internet Intelligence product suite, which has been heavily adopted by service providers and some of the largest enterprises, like Visa, TripAdvisor and Ancestry.com. (Click to Learn More)Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance, announced today general availability of Internet Intelligence (II), a SaaS-based product that provides companies with a new and unique view of the Internet by looking at performance between a company's customers and its Internet assets. Through a consolidated single view across all Internet assets, II allows companies to accurately manage and deploy to their cloud providers, identify issues in real-time while performing root cause analysis of problems and effects and create plans for how to improve and expand their Internet infrastructure - all of which benefit the end-user experience.

"Today, every company is an Internet company. The more a business relies on the public Internet to provide the best end-user experience for its global customers, the more effective and actionable Internet monitoring is required. But the Internet is an inherently unpredictable and complex space," said Scott Hilton, EVP, Products at Dyn. "Internet Intelligence allows companies for the first time to monitor, alert and plan for their complex Internet Infrastructure from a single platform."

As an increasing number of companies migrate to the cloud, the ability to mitigate risk and control cloud assets with Managed DNS is becoming a business imperative. According to IDG, 87 percent of companies worldwide either currently use cloud services or plan to implement cloud technology in the near future. With wholesale adoption of cloud services the new norm, few companies have insight or control into their cloud assets.

Internet Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic SaaS offering that shows a company's full global cloud provider, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and data centers on one dashboard, allowing IT executives to see how real-time availability, reachability, and performance issues impact their own customers. By alerting issues directly in the dashboard or via email, companies of all sizes and IT sophistication can quickly isolate and fix small issues before they become costly problems.

"Distil Networks blocks malicious bots from disrupting many of the world's top websites. To keep companies safe, we need visibility and continuous monitoring of key peering relationships and providers that our customers use," said Engin Akyol, CTO of Distil Networks. "Dyn's Internet Intelligence goes beyond anything else on the market because it pinpoints the exact location of an external network issue and allows us to mitigate the situations before they become larger problems."

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