LogicBoxes Helps .MN Registry Grow by 350%

By LogicBoxes

LogicBoxes, the business consulting and automation technology provider for ccTLD & New gTLD Registries, Domain Registrars and Web Hosts, today announced the milestone achievement of completing 10 successful years of partnership with Datacom LLC, the .MN Registry.

The internet infrastructure in Mongolia was still in its nascent stages 10 years ago. With only 2 Registrars active in the region and about 3,300 domains in the namespace, the .MN Registry strategically chose a global market leader that would help ensure that .MN domains are within reach of the local Mongol population and entities related to the country. Datacom partnered with LogicBoxes to power its retail and wholesale efforts — a need it realized early and acted swiftly to fulfill.

With vast domain industry experience, growing technology, flexible infrastructure and talented manpower, LogicBoxes met Datacom's requirement for a long-term partner that would help them achieve their business goals. It helped setup Datacom on OrderBox, the industry-renowned Domain Automation platform, and provided a suite of high-margin web presence products, including web and email hosting, website builders and digital certificates, to offer to Datacom's customers. LogicBoxes also equipped Datacom with a fully customizable retail storefront (www.datacom.mn).

Additionally, LogicBoxes helped Datacom streamline day-to-day business activities such as automated billing, end-to-end product management and customer management. It also provided Datacom-branded control panels for customers that buy .MN domains. This allowed Datacom to focus more on business development and marketing activities.

Today, the .MN namespace has about 16,000 domains and over 75% of these are managed directly by the Registry under its own retail and wholesale operations. The Registry has also sold over 3,500 email and web hosting orders, thus enabling its customers to truly get online.

Ms. Burmaa, Director at Datacom LLC, the .MN Registry, said, "Over the years, LogicBoxes has helped us with strong technology and talented staff who go the extra mile in providing support. We are glad to have partnered with them and look forward to even more success in the near future."

"It gives us great pleasure in working with Datacom and playing a part in getting businesses and individuals online from Mongolia. It's been a learning experience for both teams and we look forward to serving Datacom for years to come," said Siddharth Taliyan, Sr. Business Development Manager at LogicBoxes.

LogicBoxes currently provides robust solutions for ccTLD Registries. An overview of these offerings can be found here.

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