FIFA and the Perils of No Accountability

By Timothy Denton
Timothy Denton

Forgive me if you can, but I am about to say something blindingly obvious. The arrests made by the US Government and Swiss authorities of senior FIFA officials should remind us of a deep truth. Organizations must be accountable: to members, to users, to superiors, to markets, to someone who can say "stop what you are doing and amend your ways". When we consider the transfer of authority from the USG over the IANA function, let us keep in mind that ICANN must be accountable for the IANA function, and if it fails in this, user groups — the names, numbers and protocol parameter communities — need to be able to amend the ways of its contractor. ICANN is light years away from FIFA, organizationally, legally, morally. But as people behave according the incentives they face, then, over the long run, the incentives to behave well must be strong enough to ensure efficiency and probity. I did warn you I was about to say something obvious.

By Timothy Denton, lawyer, former national regulator (CRTC). Visit the blog maintained by Timothy Denton here.

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